Square Bird Mod Apk v3


Download Square Bird MOD APK and engage in immersive gameplay that involves helping your bird to dodge various obstacles and get to its destination safely.

An In-Depth Analysis of Square Bird

The square bird is a relatively casual game published by Moone Publishing Limited. It challenges you to build your egg towers.

However, the process will not be all smooth! You will have to overcome immense barriers before you complete the project.

As such, you must be keen and concentrate on reaching your goal. The more levels you complete, the more bonus points you’ll get.

An Interesting Gameplay

This game has incredibly simple gameplay! However, it demands high levels of concentration to complete all the challenges.

When you join the game, you’ll have a bird. Your role will be to move it through a tunnel full of obstacles.

Your success depends on your ability to consistently avoid the obstacles and move the bird to its destination.

Every movement that you make should be calculated lest you bump into a barrier. When you successfully avoid many obstacles, you’ll have the unique chance to shoot egg bullets.

To achieve this, you should ensure that you pass at least 3 barriers successfully. These bullets are highly essential since they’ll break barrier walls ahead thus easing your movement along the tunnel.

Here’s the catch though:

The time available for shooting eggs is limited! As such, you must be quick and accurate to successfully manage the task. Also, you should accumulate more eggs to have enough stock for the next mission.

Different Difficulty Levels

This game has several difficulty levels that you must complete to become the champion. You’ll only proceed to the next level after completing your current level.

As you rise the ladder, the levels continually become challenging. Higher levels are characterized by more obstacles. As such, you must improve your concentration and sharpen your dodging skills to survive.

Even worse, the walls can move at these stages which makes it a huge challenge to target. If you encounter spikes laid on the ceiling of the tunnel, you’ll have to be careful not to step on them. If you do, the game will be over and you’ll have to start from the beginning!

Simple Graphics

This game is completed in simple 2-D graphics. However, the minimalistic approach gives it the simplicity that needs to gain full concentration on the target.

Download the Square Bird MOD APK Now

Do you feel like you want a Square Bird game with fewer restrictions? If yes, then you should consider downloading the MOD version of the game. It has the following features:

  •  Unlimited Gold/Coins/Money
  •  All Birds Unlocked
  •  Numerous Free Themes
  •  No Ads


Square Bird MOD APK is a casual game but you can be certain that it’ll keep you engage for long. Its simplistic gameplay is immersive and you’ll find it difficult to move your eyes off the screen.

Square Bird Mod Apk v3

Square Bird Mod Apk v3


Category: Casual

Package: com.trianglegames.squarebird

Verions: 3

Price: 0

Filesize: 12M

OS: 5.0

Updated: 12-03-2020

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