NET. Tower


Play a realistic game that is categorized as a simulator allowing you to draw rewards from your activities by growing a TV company. It is real as it can get with zero chance of boredom.

Net. Tower Review

The game is a simple simulator with a highly competitive gameplay allowing you to grow your NET TV enterprise from scratch to a well-known company. With a simple tap, you can broadcast a flagship ship and get more points if it was a success.

The more events you hold, the more profits you make and have an opportunity of expanding your business to greater heights. Building academic and hiring more presenters for your station will come as your business grows and the need for better shows arise.


You will experience the real dynamics of running a media business with the app, as it requires you to make credible decisions for success. Deciding on when shows air and which presenter gets on air at what time will require timing. However, newbies should not run away as it may sound technical; you get to learn how to make the right calls while in action.

Key Highlights

Aim for the Sky – When you start working in the heroic game, aim for the top and never settle for less. Have a winner’s mentality by thinking more about the future of your media empire, as opposed to thinking about now. Besides, know every level will bring with it new challenges that need to be solved for your TV business to thrive and overcome competition.

Call to attention – The game is a realistic simulator that will require sensible decisions and moves while addressing all your challenges. One wrong step could see you lose a significant portion of your empire. Upgrading will call for continuous wins, which need your maximum attention.

Master Your skill – success in the game will not come by chance but getting an excellent technique and working to perfect it. Always remember everything works against you, and you will still need to be ahead of the system. Take time to know when is your best time to make changes and buy new studious for better customer experience and business growth.

Download Net Tower Mod Apk

Just like any other game available today, playing the standard version comes with some limitations that you need to overcome. Hence, you will need to download the Mod version of this simulator game for the best experience. Besides, it unlocks all levels and offers unlimited money for upgrading and customizing.

Net Tower Mod Apk 2020 features

  • Bugs fixed
  • All levels unlocked
  • Unlimited money
  • Optimized graphics and gameplay


Download Net Tower Mod Apk Unlimited Money to experience the full potential of the game building a tower and seeing the success of your business. Be the master of your game with the new Mod version.

NET. Tower

NET. Tower

Author: PT Net Mediatama Televisi

Category: Simulation


Verions: 1.0.3

Price: 0

Filesize: 66M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 10-06-2020

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