Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod Apk


Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK latest version and fight dangerous zombies determined to exterminate all human beings!

An Interesting Story Line

Last Day on Earth is a survival game that requires extraordinary powers to survive attacks by dangerous zombies.

It simulates the last days of planet Earth—which are characterized by swarms of zombies that threaten the very survival of human beings.

This will be a game of survival for the fittest! At some point, the number of zombies will surpass the survivors. As such, you must keep upgrading your survival skills to overcome this enormous challenge.

A Thrilling Gameplay

Have you ever thought of what the last days on earth would look like? Well, this game gives you an opportunity to experience this tricky situation.

In this game, the planet Earth will be invaded by incessant zombies out to destroy all human beings. As a result, there is intense fighting and a majority of people die.

You’ll play the role of one of the survivors. You’re lucky to be alive but not entirely out of danger!

Your very survival will be dependent on your fighting skills. Ensure that you devise all the possible techniques to prevent the bloodthirsty creatures from annihilating you.

Everything else, besides protecting yourself, becomes secondary.

How to Win the Game

Download Last Day on Earth for Android and enjoy this thrilling fighting escapade. The zombies will have caused immense destruction and you have to be creative to rise above the challenges.

To achieve this, you should start by collecting all the remaining materials as you avoid attacks by the zombies. These items may include stones, tree branches, broken pieces of weapons, and anything else that can help you overcome the enemy.

Additionally, you need to regularly stock food to ensure that you get all the energy that you need to fight the zombies.

Exhilarating Graphics and Interesting Sound Effects

If you love fighting games, you’ll agree that the graphics contribute significantly to the attractiveness of the gameplay, right? Well, the Last Day on Earth has incorporated superior graphics that give you a perfect fighting experience.

Additionally, the game has highly immersive sound effects that make every gaming minute worth it!

Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK Free Download

This game is akin to Last Day on Earth Jurassic Survival MOD APK. It’s optimized to work optimally on your mobile devices!

Additionally, the MOD version has these unique features:

  • Magic Split. You’ll have the power to split all the items to get more thus enhancing your weaponry
  • Instant Walking. It incorporates fast map travel which makes it easy to navigate new territories
  • Free Craft. This ensures that you have everything that you need to attack the zombies


Download Last Day on Earth for android and get a fantastic gaming time. You must invoke all your skills to wade off the voracious zombies!

Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod Apk

Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod Apk

Author: Kefir!

Category: Action

Package: zombie.survival.craft.z

Verions: 1.16.4

Price: 0

Filesize: 51.12 MB

OS: 4.1

Updated: 08-04-2020

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