I, The One


Experience a quality fighting game with PvP qualities and download I the One Mod Apk onto your phone. Gamers choose fighters and face off in a small arena.

I, The One Review

Precision is the best skill of the game as players are required to strike precisely and timely. Besides, you will need to learn on the best techniques of managing a vast number of opponents and turn any match to the most skillful fight. Do not count on luck to win the game as your opponents are armed to the tooth to face you and win the competition. Hence, you must be attentive and always be on your guard. Always remember that every fight is intense and will require your best skills, and moving from one level to another requires your attention and best combat skills.


The highly dynamic action game is a process incorporating a large number of fighters on the same card. However, you start with one player and progress to facing a battalion of fighter determined to take you down. Each of your opponents has unique properties and interests that you should master before meeting them.

Besides, you will learn of an ideal trapping location for your opponents. Quick maneuvering is key to success and remember mistakes are not allowed in the game. Incorporate diverse attack tactics as relying on one method will always work against you. Lovers of fighting games for fun and projects should watch out for this game for both entertainment and spending their time.


You can call this an online fighting simulator thanks to the stunning graphics and high-quality graphics used in the game. Kicking and dropping your enemies is continuous and spontaneous throughout the game. Fighting for survival and winning your challenges is the main trick of the game, and you have to choose your fighters carefully.

Continuous play will open you up to the need to upgrade your fighters. Use your accumulated coins to make the upgrade and unlock new levels for better gaming. Make sure your choice of opponent is perfect and join the fighting arena for some action.

I, The One Mod Apk Download

Upgrade your gaming by downloading the Mod version of the game to kick your rivals out of the battlefield and continuous fights. The Mod Version comes with unlimited coins for upgrades and unlocking levels. Get the Apk version, punch your way to the top, and prove your worth.

I, The One Mod Apk New Version Features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocked levels
  • Bugs fixed
  • Optimized graphics
  • Unlimited skins and other fighting costumes
  • Infinite fighter upgrading


I the One Mod Apk Unlimited Money Download is your best combating game thanks to excellent gameplay and graphics. Invite your friends and family for continuous action. Finally, remember I the One Mod Apk 2020 has everything unlocked, assuring you of constant action.

I, The One

I, The One


Category: Action

Package: vh.one

Verions: 1.4.1

Price: 0

Filesize: 44M

OS: 6.0

Updated: 10-06-2020

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