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WhatsApp Plus v12.00 Mod APK

Tired of the limitations and impossibility of personalizing your email, download WhatsApp Plus and never worry about it again.


Additional Information of WhatsApp Plus Mod APK

Name: WhatsApp Plus
Version: v12.00
Size: 38 MB
Latest update: 06/11/2021
Offered by: Heymods
Price: Free
Requirements: 5.0

WhatsApp Plus, when your interface

It’s nothing to say that the WhatsApp email application is the most popular in the world. The number of people who use it exceeds 1.5 billion. Yet this undeniable success does not satisfy everyone. That’s why developers have created WhatsApp Plus, a more mature version of what you know about the original apk. If you haven’t tried it on your Android yet, it might be time to do so. But before you do, check out the information in this article to find out more.


About WhatsApp Plus

It’s a real “Plus” to use WhatsApp Plus, which you can download for free from the web. It goes without saying that you can’t get it in the Google Playstore. Do you know what makes this version of WhatsApp special? About Us explains everything.

One of the major limitations with the common WhatsApp, i.e. what Facebook is all about, is that the personality options are extremely limited. They are so limited that everyone is sure to use the same application. Or, what has always pleased Android users is their ability to take ownership of an application, to shape it to their image, therefore to their personality.


The features of the application

WhatsApp Plus takes up this challenge by offering its users a series of functions to enable them to do much more than the official version can do. Now you wonder what makes the difference between these two interfaces? We’ll tell you that too:

  • You can set the font size to suit your needs to make the messages easier to read.
  • We all know that in the Facebook version, large multimedia files cannot be sent. With this version, you can send the files you want, even if the volume is large.
  • Still in the same dynamic, any good user of WhatsApp (the official) knows that it is not possible to download files in their original size, especially images. The application tends to compress them while reducing their quality. You can do without this inconvenience with WhatsApp Plus.
  • The app offers a fast sharing function
  • One of the “Plus” is that you can choose the color of the apk icon. This way, you won’t have it in green like everyone else.
  • If you wish, you can hide your profile picture from some of your contacts.


  • It is possible to view your contacts’ activities from the chat screen.
  • This is one of the biggest advantages of this app. You can personalize it as much as you like with the multitude of themes it offers. There’s enough of them to keep you on track.
  • A very interesting feature is that you can even see deleted messages and statuses of your contacts.
  • We know, for example, that in the classic version, the auto-reply function is not available for personal accounts. It is only available for Professional accounts. This changes with the WhatsApp Plus version which makes this feature available on your account.
  • Please note that the app has its own emoticons and they are much more beautiful and dynamic than those of the official version.

As far as you understand, this is just a glimpse of what you can do with this apk which already differs from its elder by displaying its icon in blue. In addition, the app is constantly being updated, which among other things means that features are reviewed and improved, new ones are also added based on user feedback.


A few caveats, however

It is easy to see that WhatsApp Plus offers much more than the classic version. The aim of the application is to make it complete and satisfying for everyone. But this is not something that appeals to the current owner of the original application. So, it has already happened that some people have been banned from WhatsApp for using this modified app.

But don’t worry, what you have to do to avoid this is to update the app. In other words, you need to download and install the latest version of the interface. This is a problem that has been taken into account, so you will no longer have to face this problem when using an updated version of the application. Here are the latest settings for the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

  • An anti-Ban has been implemented in the application.
  • All bugs have been fixed
  • A translator for texts in different languages is integrated.
  • Hide contact display status
  • The limit of video status is increased



The official version of WhatsApp does not satisfy the most demanding. As we have already pointed out, the advantage with Android is the high level of customization of the applications. The only way to get to this point on such an apk is to download and install WhatsApp Plus free of charge from the web. That way, you won’t be bored with an interface that looks exactly like the others


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