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WhatsApp Aero v8.51 Mod APK

Download WhatsApp Aero apk -the latest version- for free on Android. Benefit from dozens of new options and interesting features.


Additional Information of WhatsApp Aero Mod APK

Name: WhatsApp Aero
Version: v8.51
Size: 47 MB
Latest update: 12/15/2020
Offered by: WhatsApp Aero
Price: Free
Requirements: 5.0+

3000 themes and much more with WhatsApp Aero APK

If you are a bit fed up with the more classic WhatsApp offers, then you can turn to WhatsApp Aero. This is undoubtedly one of the most advanced versions of WhatsApp, both in terms of the interface layout and the customization options.


This modified WhatsApp apk is based on Fouad WhatsApp. This means that a number of the features of this version can be found on WhatsApp Aero. But since this is by no means the same application, you can expect to find a whole bunch of features specific to this interface.


This app differs in many ways. First of all, the icons, which are not really the same as the ones you can recognize on the official version of WhatsApp or on the other modded versions. For example, while the user’s profile image is displayed on the side on almost all versions, here it is displayed in the center, which already makes a big difference.

It also turns out that WhatsApp Aero offers the most extensive catalogue of themes. There are about 3000 of them, which is quite a lot. What’s more, there are so many customization options, so many that it will take you time to go through them all.


  • As far as managing your privacy is concerned, you have access to a range of features. For example, you can hide the blue marks that notify you that you have read, also you can hide your status, make sure no one knows you are reading or recording an audio…
  • With WhatsApp Aero, when you receive a message, it means you have received it. Even if your contact person deletes it, you will still have access to it. The same is true with statuses, even posted while you are offline.
  • You can also enjoy the advantages of having a logbook. Thanks to this you will be able to find out who has been online or not, as well as who has changed their status or profile picture.


  • The limit of what you can share in terms of video files is 700 MB. In terms of photos you can share 50 MB at once.
  • You have patterns to secure your chats. So, you will be the only one to have access to them.
  • If you are the type of person who wants to customize your interface then WhatsApp Aero has everything you need to do so. You’ll find as many fonts as possible, bubble styles and other interesting options.
  • This version also features a Widget that allows you to access the main functions from your phone’s desktop.
  • Several languages are supported in this version. These include Marathi, German, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, etc…
  • You have access to a multiplicity of emojis. For example, there are those of Facebook, One V3, Nougat or Oreo.


What’s new?

Some errors have been detected in the latest version of the app and an update has been proposed to correct them. Here’s what WhatsApp Aero proposes again:

  • You will be able to program messages to be sent at a later date.
  • An exclusive design has been added to the user interface of the app.
  • A default Light/Night theme has been made available.
  • Brand new styles have been added to IG Story
  • A DND mode icon is available in animated version.
  • The bug related to the contact image that is not displayed when sending a group message has been corrected.
  • The Light/Night mode icon can now hide.
  • To use the built-in translator, you need to install Google Translate.
  • The blue microphone can now be hidden.
  • The interface no longer crashes when setting the wallpaper.

Several other corrections have been taken into account. The same goes for the additions of functions and customization. To get a more precise idea, you just need to download and install WhatsApp Aero. You will not find this version on the Google Playstore. You can download it for free from our website.



In any case, it is not possible for you to find as many functions in the classic version of WhatsApp as you will find in WhatsApp Aero. This version includes not only functions, but also modes that will change the way you design your messaging. You can download this version of WhatsApp from our site and it is free of charge. Also note that there is a Telegram group in the interface where you can ask any questions you want, or make suggestions.

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