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Mobdro v2.2.3 Mod APK

Do you need to check your TV programs wherever you are? Then download and install Mobdro on your Android. The reasons are simple.


Additional Information of Mobdro Mod APK

Name: Mobdro
Version: v2.2.3
Size: 17.7M
Latest update: 12/23/2020
Offered by: Mobdro
Price: Free
Requirements: Android 4.4+

Mobdro, a simple solution for watching TV on a smartphone

The least we can say today is that the question of how to watch television no longer really arises. It is more a question of where. People are very mobile in this day and age, sometimes going from one end of the planet to the other in a matter of hours. Under such conditions, watching television programs as we used to do no longer makes sense. This is how more appropriate solutions such as Mobdro came about. This is an apk that allows you to follow the content of TV channels wherever you are, with a good Internet connection of course.


What you need to know

Applications of this type, there’s a whole bunch of them on the web. They offer the User to follow the TV programs of their choice. Some of these applications are free and some are not. In the case of Mobdro, it is a free apk for download whose operation differs from that of others.

Indeed, this application does not offer you to follow the content available only in the categories as is usually the case. Therefore, you cannot choose a program, a movie, a show … The content of this interface is streamed. You therefore choose a channel that broadcasts programs that interest you.

It can be movies, sports, documentaries, news… You understand, so to speak, that you are really taking content on the fly, a bit like live television. In addition, Mobdro broadcasts continuously, so 24 hours a day.


Some interesting features of Mobdro

The app is not just a collection of TV channels. To use it, you can set certain parameters according to your preferences and much more.

  • You can set up the application according to your language, the one you understand and which is obviously available in the application. You can also make sure that Mobdro only suggests programs that are in that language.
  • Better still, the notion of geography is also included. Indeed, you have the possibility to determine the TV channels of the countries you are interested in. For example, if you are a French person living in the United States, you can make sure that the TV channels of your country are highlighted in the app.
  • There are other interesting feature in Mobdro. You can use them to fine-tune the filtering of different contents. In this way, you will not be overwhelmed by what is of no interest to you.
  • The apk includes an interesting feature for sharing with friends. For example, if while watching a program you realize that one of your friends who also has Mobdro might be interested in it, just click on the share button and he or she will receive it.


So far we can see that Mobdro is an application that has a lot to offer, especially to people who don’t always fit in. However, that’s not all, since the premium version has much more to offer.

Mobdro apk Premium, the most you need to have

First of all, let’s remember that the free version of this app includes advertisements. This means that you may be inconvenienced if you use it in this way. This is what you gain in addition with the premium version, which, as you will have already guessed, is not free of charge.

  • Your user experience is greatly improved as the premium version is ad-free.
  • Coupled with the fact that you will now be able to start downloading the programs you like. This will allow you to follow them offline when you are less busy. This way you won’t miss anything anymore.


  • With a premium package, Mobdro becomes compatible with Google chromecast. This means that you will now be able to share your phone’s screen on a large screen for a better experience.
  • Another essential function that becomes available is the Timer Sleep. With this, you can program the time after which the application should shut itself down. This will allow you to save battery power.

However, it is important to remember that due to the type of services this application offers, you will not be able to download it from Google Playstore. It is available on certain specific sites. On the other hand, you will need to have an Android that is at least Android 4.2.

Furthermore, if you are wondering if the apk is available on smart TV, the answer is yes. But only if your TV is on a compatible Android. So, you can download it for free and install it on your TV.



Following television in our era is not the same as it was a few years ago. Having said that, these are changes that entail drawbacks that we will have to deal with. This is the case with the need for a good internet connection to use the interface.

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