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KineMaster Pro Mod APK (Diamond)

If you have been looking for a long time for a video editing software from your smartphone, we advise you to discover Kinemaster pro. You will adopt it.


Additional Information of KineMaster Pro Mod APK

Name: KineMaster Pro
Size: 87.01 MB
Latest update: 01/18/2021
Offered by: KineMaster Corporation
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 5.0
MOD: Diamond

Easily edit your videos with Kinemaster pro

Whoever says Android and multimedia content enhancement thinks « photo » first. A priori, therefore, smartphones would not be suitable for this kind of task. However, an application like Kinemaster overcomes this prejudice. So, the question is no longer whether you can work with videos on your smartphone, but rather how far you can push the limits of your skills.

Kinemaster, what you missed

Developed by NextStreaming Corp, this video editor is a real thumbscrew to PC editing software that until now seemed to be out of control. It is a tool with professional features that allows anyone to become “the king of video”.


Easy to use, the application has succeeded in making accessible to everyone what until then was a myth. On this subject, you know that to be a good editor, you had to follow a training course, to follow courses for months. Now that’s no longer necessary, thanks to Kinemaster.

The features you have access to allow you to create original videos, add text, cut and reposition sequences, review audio levels… You will feel like a film project director.

However, if you are only using the free version of Kinemaster, then in this case you are probably not really satisfied with the application. Not all features are available in this version. Furthermore, if you use it in this way, the videos you will get will have watermarks, which will not be very pleasant.

On the other hand, as far as the prerequisites for the proper functioning of this app are concerned, two important details will have to be taken into account. First of all, you must at least be running Android 4.1. Secondly, it may happen that the app does not work on some systems, even advanced ones.

Kinemaster pro, what you earn on top of that

To unlock all functions, the pro version must be purchased. You will therefore have to proceed by purchasing them. Once you have unlocked them, you will have access to a whole list of features and possibilities? Here’s more or less what you’ll be able to do.


  • It becomes possible to make multi-layered videos using images, stickers and text.
  • The editor can make instant previews to better judge the quality of his work.
  • The editor can also control the tint level of the images in his video.
  • Saturation level control is activated.
  • The speed at which images are played back can be changed as desired.
  • Fade in and out sounds are allowed.
  • The addition of 3D transition effect on the images is accessible.
  • It becomes possible to apply themes.
  • It becomes possible to apply special effects on the images as well as on the audio.
  • The share button on social networks is enabled.
  • The save button on the clouds is activated.


The formats supported in the app

As you will surely have already noticed, Kinemaster pro is a complete tool. The same goes for the formats that are supported. Here’s what you need to know:

Video formats :

MOV, .mp4, .4K, .3gp, .QHD, .FHD, .HD, .SD…

Audio formats :

mp3, .m4a, .aac et bien plus encore

Image formats :

jpeg, .png

So to speak, Kinemaster pro is a powerful tool that you need at your fingertips in order to get rid of your laptop from time to time.


What about Kinemaster mod apk?

We are therefore in the presence of a rather interesting app whose functionalities exceed our expectations. On the other hand, paying for them is not an obligation, as long as its modified version exists. Indeed, it is possible to download Kinemaster apk pro mod in order to use the different functionalities mentioned above for free.  This is the same as having the pro version, but at no cost.

As for what this brings you in terms of advantages, we will tell you in a few points.

  • The Arch CPU protocol is unlocked, making the apk much faster and therefore more efficient.
  • Advertisements and ads are disabled.
  • Google analytics is disabled
  • You have access to the functions for life and without subscription
  • You are using Kinemaster pro apk modded without watermark.



If you’re the kind of person who likes to create interesting videos, or even a professional audio-visual artist, then you don’t need to ask yourself any more questions. Kinemaster is an application that should be among the most expensive on your smartphone. If a private individual will find something to occupy his lost time with, a professional will find an alternative to his computer in Kinemaster.

This being the case, it is necessary to have the pro version, much more complete is essential to benefit from the advantages of this app. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, you will have to pay. On the other hand, with the unlocked and unlocked app of Kinemaster pro, you have free access to all the available functions. Moreover, you are free of a lot of limitations as we mentioned in this article.

The original version on google play

Les fonctionnalités du Mod:

  • Abonnement déverrouillé
  • Accès à l'ensemble du magasin / articles
  • Pas de filigrane

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