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GB WhatsApp Pro v9.00 Mod APK

You may be one of those people who find it boring to use the classic version of WhatsApp. Then download GB WhatsApp.


Additional Information of GB WhatsApp Pro Mod APK

Name: GB WhatsApp Pro
Version: v9.00
Size: 33 MB
Latest update: 02/20/2021
Offered by: Heymods
Price: Free
Requirements: Android 4.4+

GB WhatsApp, or the art of having two accounts in one

The success of WhatsApp makes it, without a doubt, a very popular application. But success on a global scale also means high expectations from the part of the users who expect more and more. It is on this last point that the official version of the application does not really ensure. As a result, several associated versions and improvements of the application have been released. These include WhatsApp Plus, but also and above all GB WhatsApp. It is an application that offers many more functions.


About the GB WhatsApp application

Note already that this apk is not new in itself. It was created from the source code of the official WhatsApp release. It is therefore normal that it resembles it in some ways. But as far as we are concerned here, we have focused on what this version brings more and different.

The first feature of GB WhatsApp is that the user can create and use two accounts on the same application at the same time. This is an innovation you won’t see in any other version.

Other than that, this modified version of WhatsApp takes the benefits of the classic version but adds some new features. Indeed, you have given personality factors, so that you have a single interface.


The other additional functions

Confidentiality is one of the features that have been enhanced on this application. So, if this is what you are looking for, this is the version you need. You have the ability to hide your status from some of your contacts, so to speak. But you can do much more than that.

With a password you can lock access to your chats. Also, you already know that with the official version of WhatsApp, when you write a message or when you record an audio, your contact knows it because it is notified in real time. If you wish with GB WhatsApp, you can hide this aspect of the application’s use.

If you have the possibility to share PDF, DOC, TXT files with this version, you can share up to 50 Mb in a single upload. This is not the case with the previous version.

  • If you are a user who is used to sharing your location, then you should know that you can do so with one click with GBWhatsApp. The option is just in the top bar of the apk.

To optimize its use, the designers have made it easy to access and the same goes for other functions.


Indication to be taken into account

As mentioned above, WhatsApp is a very successful application. In this respect, it is difficult not to prevent developers from multiplying its versions all over the web. It is therefore quite possible that while browsing certain sites you may come across versions of GBWhatsapp that are not really up to date.

You should also bear in mind that some versions may lead to your banning from WhatsApp if you use them. These apks are not equipped with an anti-banning system. So be careful when downloading your version of GBWhatapp.

Other essential functions

There are even better features in GB WhatsApp that you should be aware of before downloading.

  • For example, if you wish, you can block calls from a particular person in your contacts. You can also do this for all your contacts and not receive calls from anyone.


  • In the classic version of WhatsApp, you have to click on the photo, load it and then zoom in using these two fingers. In GB WhatsApp, just click on the profile picture and it will enlarge. To zoom in, just one click is enough.
  • Also, if you wish, the application can send you a notification as soon as one of your contacts changes their profile picture.
  • You will also be able to download and copy the status of your contacts with extreme ease. This is not the case with the official version.
  • As far as sharing is concerned, you have the freedom to share up to 90 photos in a single upload. As for sending multimedia files, the maximum size is 100 MB for videos and 30 MB for audio. This is already much more than the classic version.
  • The features in GB WhatsApp are so advanced that you can change the icon that represents missed calls.

So many features and yet so far you can be sure that we haven’t done the trick. There is still more that you will only discover by downloading for free and using the apk on a daily basis.



Unlike the classic version, GB WhatsApp offers such an impressive list of features. There are some to modify every part of the application to your liking, so that you can use an app that satisfies you to the utmost.

Having said that, once again, don’t forget that there are several modified versions of WhatsApp. It is therefore essential that you pay attention to which version you are going to download for free. It must be equipped with an anti-ban.


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