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FMWhatsApp 8.65 Mod APK

Do you feel limited with the classic version of WhatsApp? Then you have downloaded and installed FMWhatsapp. The reasons are in this article.


Additional Information of FMWhatsApp Mod APK

Name: FMWhatsApp
Version: 8.65
Size: 44 MB
Latest update: 12/15/2020
Offered by: Heymods
Price: Free
Requirements: Android 4.4+

Customize your interface with FMWhatsapp

To use an application is to be satisfied with it, to benefit from a grip that increases the pleasure of use. This is not exactly what some interfaces, such as WhatsApp, offer. And this is what justifies the release of several other versions that offer what is not available in the official version. About you says more.

What is FMWhatsapp?

It is one of the moderated versions of Whatsapp accessible on the web. You may already be familiar with WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsapp. FMWhatsapp is also in the same vein. It is a full version of the apk, Facebook is currently not the owner.

Except that here, the development behind it has found it useful to give its creation a nickname. So “FM” are in fact the initials of Fouad Mokdad. For people who are used to using applications, this name is not a discovery.

This developer has therefore put online a completely different version of the most famous messaging application. However, he had to base his work on the source code of the official version. It is therefore normal that the two apps are similar in a number of details.

Why the user?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is a widely used application around the world. But the paradox with the classic version is that it doesn’t allow each user to take control of the interface as he or she will. The consequence is that we end up with an interface that doesn’t really offer personality possibilities as we like to do on Android.

The result is a feeling of lack of freedom that limits the use of the application. If you’ve ever had to develop this kind of feeling, you’re always happy to know that this is what an application like FMWhatsapp corrects.

In fact, the installer comes back to skipping all the locks that were imposed in the common version. You are making choices that you very often thought impossible. All you have to do is download this modified version and the installer in order to enjoy it the way you want. However, since it is an apk mod, FMWhatsapp is not available on the official store, i.e. on Playstore.

The features of the apk

FMWhatsapp is an MOD application whose functionality is far beyond what you might think or imagine. It’s not just a simple learning experience. If you do it correctly, you will have the feeling that your interface is unique in the world, since it will look like no one else’s. This is pretty much what you can expect.

  • The first advantage of this app is the level of personalisation. You can take initiatives that until now were completely unthinkable.
  • In the different options, there is an anti-deletion function for messages. This way, others will not be able to delete the messages you send them.
  • Not everyone likes to feel disturbed. This is also where FMWhatsapp is effective. The app allows you to set up calls. So, you will only call the people you want to call. For the rest, this process will be blocked and vice versa.
  • It is very common for contacts to delete their status a few minutes after putting it online. There can be different reasons for this. Anyway, with this application you will be able to see what they have deleted. The bonus is that you can still do this even if you were offline at the time of posting.
  • fmwhatsapp-gratuit-telechargez
  • If you are a person who values discretion, then FMWhatsapp can help you with this as you can disable notifications of posts that are marked in blue. The same goes for the last online posts that you can also hide.
  • As we all know, the size of the video files that can be sent on the classic version is very limited in addition to what the app compresses and reduces the visual quality. This modified version increases the size of the files to be shared to 50 MB. Moreover, no compression of the files is made, which allows to keep the original quality.
  • The security of your conversations is also reinforced in this mod. Indeed, you have the possibility to lock your chats with patterns. The most advantageous is that the locking codes can be different for each cat, which makes it more difficult for malicious people to bypass them.
  • It should also be noted that FMWhatsapp considerably increases the number of alphabetic characters that can be typed in a status. You can put up to 250, which is not negligible when you think about it.
  • Also, there are many more emoticons and emojis available in the app.
  • If you wish you can also disable video calls so you won’t be disturbed.
  • The apk also features an anti-ban to prevent evictions.
  • One of the important changes in this unlocked version is that you can increase the number of people in your groups up to 500.
  • Also, you can have two accounts, with two different numbers on this single interface.



The possibilities are endless. It will be difficult for us to mention them all here. The best you can do is to download for free and install FMWhatsapp on your Android. It will be your user experience that will give you a better understanding of the application as a whole.

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