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Deezer Premium Mod APK (pas de pubs)

One of the simplest ways to listen to music today is still Deezer Premium. But what do you know about this application? Find out here.


Additional Information of Deezer Premium Mod APK

Name: Deezer Premium
Size: 26.43 MB
Latest update: 07/02/2021
Offered by: Deezer Mobile
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: VARY
MOD: pas de pubs

All the music of the world in Deezer Premium

Listening to music you love is not at all the same as it was a few years ago. It is now possible to have all your music in a single application. The number of files is in the tens of millions. This is the type of service offered by an application like Deezer. From the classic app to Deezer Premium, the functions are different so to speak. Here’s what you need to know.


Introduction to Deezer

With a good internet connection, internet users who have Deezer on their Android can listen to the music of their choice in streaming. Indeed, the platform has the particularity of offering music produced by the world’s most renowned production houses, such as Universal Music or Sony. In the same way, the music of the world’s least known production houses can be found on the platform.

The other advantage, and not the least, is that Deezer also offers content from independent artists. In other words, the platform offers everything that is most complete. The use of the free version entitles you to a certain number of functionalities.

  • You can stream most of the songs available on the platform. There are nearly 60 million of them and the number is constantly increasing.
  • Shuffle mode is available
  • The “Flow” function allows you to personalize the files that are offered to you according to your tastes and your listening habits.
  • You can create your Playlist in just one click.
  • In addition to creating your Playlist, you can also share its contents with friends using the sharing function.
  • You’ll be able to discover radio stations that take your music preferences into account.
  • The application’s search function is also available.

However, you will not be able to skip the songs as many times as you wish. For explanation, if you don’t like a song, you will be obliged to listen to it. On the other hand, the sound quality is not really what you would call superior. Similarly, the advertising content is an integral part of the application.


Deezer Premium, the features

However, you should take into account that the functionalities available in the free version of the application are limited. Indeed, in order to fully enjoy the advantages and possibilities of use available in Deezer, you must subscribe to a premium package. Deezer Premium therefore allows you to unlock the other functions which will make the application much more complete.

Amongst other things, you will no longer be bothered by the multiple advertisements that appear in the app. So, already aware of the other functions available with the free version, here is what Deezer premium has in store for you.

  • You will now be able to play your music on Alexa from Amazon or on Google Home, the apk becomes almost compatible with these interfaces.
  • The sound quality is no longer the same at all, it becomes much better. You listen to the sounds at 320 kBps.
  • You will play your music in the order you choose.
  • As for skipping sounds, you can do it as much as you like.
  • With Deezer premium, you can also download songs to listen to them offline. So, these songs will be available on your memory card.
  • Ads are no longer active in the full version.


About Deezer Premium apk Mod

Now that all this is known, you should also know that any user with a modified application will be able to find his account. In this regard, you will need to download and install Deezer Premium apk Mod. There are several advantages to using this modified version of Deezer. Firstly, you no longer have to create an account before you can access the content you want. On top of that, you don’t need to have root to use Deezer Premium apk mod. Here is the complete list of features unlocked with the mod version of Deezer.

  • Visual announcements are available
  • Audio announcements are also unlocked
  • You can listen to the songs offline using the sync function.
  • It is possible to change or skip songs as much as possible.
  • The song search function is also available
  • The Mix menu is available on Deezer Premium apk Mod.
  • Shuffle playback of the contents is accessible
  • It is possible to add songs to the queue of what is being played.
  • The audio quality is far superior
  • The Play Next is also available
  • You can have the sounds you are listening to repeated using the associated function.
  • Analytics and Crashlytics are disabled.
  • It should be added that updates are constantly available which also allows you to benefit from the latest functions integrated in the app.



Deezer Premium remains one of the best applications available online for music streaming. The free version gives access to a number of features. But these are not fully available with this version. In order to access the other functions and do without advertising content, you need Deezer premium. This requires a paying package. On the other hand, in order not to have to spend money, it is still possible to download the modded version of Deezer premium.  This gives access to the same content and the same advantages as the paid application.


The original version on google play

Download Download Deezer Premium Mod APK

Mod Features:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads

Note: Just sign in with your FaceBook account, turn off the FaceBook app on your device.

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