CSR Classics Mod Apk v3.0.1


Download CSR Classic MOD APK and overcome powerful racing crews to become the champion. The game is a topnotch simulation of a city with beautiful racecourses.

A Brief Description of CSR Classics

This game was developed by Boss Alien together with Mad Atom Games. It was later published by NaturalMotion Games and received spectacularly well by racing enthusiasts.

The gamer will race along the streets of a city with the solitary goal of making a name for themselves by defeating all their competitors. However, it’ll not be a smooth ride for them!

5 racing crews rule the streets. The crews are made of highly confident racers. As such, the gamer must work smart to overcome these powerful crews and become the champion.

Interesting Gameplay

When you join this race, you’ll be required to select a car that’ll help you defeat your opponents. At this point, you’ll only have a few unlocked options.

Once you select your ideal racing car, it’s time to choose your name and compete!

The single-player game has five tiers—each of the tiers has different opponents and vehicle models. As you rise the tiers, the opposition will become fiercer!

As such, you must continually gain useful skills that’ll help you maintain topnotch performance amid the strong opposition.

For each tier, you’ll be obliged to beat the crew. However, the crew’s boss will not just eat the humble pie!

Instead, they’ll challenge you to beat them in a thrilling race. Always target to beat both the crew and the boss to earn generous rewards.

How to Upgrade Your Skills

The surest way to upgrade your skills is by consistently beating the crews and the bosses. When you beat the boss of three consecutive tiers, you’ll be challenged to participate in rematches.

If you win the rematches, you’ll be rewarded the boss’s car which is one tier higher. This will give you more torque and horsepower to easily beat your opponents.

Even better, you can use the points acquired to unlock special features that’ll make gaming a breeze!

However, you should be keen not to lose the consequent game after the rematch. In case you’re defeated, you’ll be required to return the gold medal awarded in the previous race.

Easy Control Systems

This game guarantees easy control options that ensure that you’re only left to concentrate on the race thus increasing your chances of winning.

Unlike other racing games, CSR Classics does not have the steering, acceleration, or braking controls. Instead, it comes with nitrous upgrade and timing gear changes. You’ll achieve all this by a simple touch on your screen!

Download CSR Classics MOD APK

If you want to enjoy the racing game more, just download its MOD version. It has unique features such as:

  • Unlimited Money. You can buy loved cars easily at the beginning of the game
  •  Highly Diverse Races. You can engage in up to 8 different races
  •  Free Upgrades. Customizing your car is now easy. You can upgrade it to whichever level you desire!


CSR Classics will offer you unmatched excitement. Download its MOD version for free and enjoy its outstanding features.

CSR Classics Mod Apk v3.0.1

CSR Classics Mod Apk v3.0.1

Author: NaturalMotionGames Ltd

Category: Racing

Package: com.naturalmotion.csrclassics

Verions: 3.0.1

Price: 0

Filesize: 24M

OS: 4.0

Updated: 12-03-2020

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